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What is the purpose of this student site?

The Oregon Department of Revenue created this site to help students learn about and file their Oregon income taxes. The site is organized into “5 Easy Steps to Cash,” which students can follow to understand their Forms W-2, W-4, and 1099; fill out their Oregon Form 40S; and file their return. Most students who answer “yes” to all of the questions under “Will the 5 Easy Steps to Cash work for me?” will receive a refund. However, some students may have tax to pay depending on their income and withholding.

How can this site be used?

Parents: Instead of filling out your son's or daughter's return, have them try 5 Easy Steps to Cash. They will learn how to complete their own returns.

Teachers: This site offers a teaching tool to help students fill out their own Oregon tax return. We also have provided five test scenarios for use in your class. Each test scenario highlights a fictitious student taxpayer. Your students can use these scenarios to fill out a sample tax form using 5 Easy Steps to Cash. Answer keys are provided. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to access these PDF files. You can download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free.

Is the student’s personal information safe on this site?

This site does not electronically transmit tax information. The student fills out the return on the computer, prints it, and mails it to the Department of Revenue. No personal information is necessary to access this site.

The electronic evaluation form allows students, teachers, and parents a chance to offer anonymous feedback about this Web site on a voluntary basis. Your input will help us improve this site. The site is revised each year.

Parents: Check out the Oregon 529 College Savings Network. You may qualify for an Oregon tax subtraction.

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