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Step 2: Making sense
of your Form W-2
(Wage and Tax Statement)

Why is Form W-2 important?

Form W-2 is an important document. Each Form W-2 is a summary of all of your paystubs from that employer for the year. You should keep all of your paystubs so you can compare them with your W-2(s).

  • It tells you how much money (wages) you made in 2004 from that employer.
  • It also tells you how much money was taken out of (withheld from) your paychecks for 2004.

    Money is withheld for:
    • Federal income taxes,
    • Oregon income taxes,
    • Social Security taxes, and
    • Medicare taxes.

What information on the W-2 do I need for my Oregon Form 40S? And what if I have more than one W-2?

Your W-2 might look a little different from the sample form above, but it will have the same box numbers and information.

You’ll need the information from boxes 16 and 17 of your 2004 Form W-2 for your Oregon Form 40S. If you have more than one W-2, just add the amounts in box 16 from all of your W-2s. This total is how much you earned at your jobs in 2004. Then add the amounts in box 17 from all of your W-2s. This total is how much money was withheld from your paychecks to pay Oregon taxes.

Set these numbers aside. We’ll explain where to use them in Step 4.

My W-2 has several copies. What are they for?

Look at the bottom of each copy—it explains what to do with each one. You will send us only your state copy. Keep the employee copy with your copy of the Oregon tax return.

What if I don’t receive a Form W-2 from
my employer by February 15, 2005?

You should receive a separate W-2 from each employer you worked for in 2004. You should receive your Form W-2(s) by February 15, 2005.

  • If you haven't received a W-2 by February 15, first, call your employer and ask for a copy. Be patient and persistent. Your employer is required by law to give you your W-2.
  • As a last resort: If it is February 15, 2005, or later, and you still don’t have your Form W-2, call both of the following numbers to find out what to do:
    • Oregon Department of Revenue at 1-800-356-4222 or
      1-503-378-4988, and
    • Internal Revenue Service at 1-800-829-1040.

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