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Step 3: Interpreting
your Form 1099-INT

Why would I receive a 1099-INT?

You would receive a 1099-INT if you earned interest during the year.

  1. Do you have a savings account or an interest-bearing checking account?
  2. Do you have any bonds or certificates of deposit (CDs)?

If you answered “yes” to either 1 or 2 and your interest was at least $10 for the year, you should receive a 1099-INT.

Who sends me a 1099-INT?

A business (such as a bank) that paid you interest during 2004 should send you a 1099-INT by February 15, 2005.

Which boxes do I need for my tax form?
And what if I have more than one 1099-INT?

You’ll need the amount from box 1 for your Form 40S. (Don’t worry—we’ll explain Form 40S in Step 4.)

If you receive more than one 1099-INT, add the amounts in box 1 from all of your 1099s.

I’m sure I should have received a 1099-INT.
What if I haven’t received one by February 15?

If you expect to receive a 1099-INT and have not received it by February 15, 2005, contact the business or organization from which you are expecting a 1099-INT.


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