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Step 5: Tax to pay

On line 24 it shows that I have tax to pay.
Why do I owe? What do I have to do?

Find out why you owe tax and how you might get a refund next year.

  • Read the statement at the bottom of the form and sign your return in the box next to “Sign here.” Use blue or black ink. (Our equipment can’t read other colors of ink or gel pens.)
  • Make your check or money order payable to “Oregon Department of Revenue.” Do not send cash. Write your Social Security number and “2004 Oregon Form 40S” on your check. Click here if you can't pay all of your tax right now and would like to review the options available to you.
  • Print out Form 40-V, the payment voucher. Fill out the coupon and cut it along the dotted lines.
  • Staple the state copy of your Form W-2(s) and 1099(s) to the front of the return below line 15 where it says “Staple W-2 wage slips here.” Staple your check and payment coupon on top of your W-2s. Don’t send us anything else.
  • Put your Form 40S in a business envelope (4 x 9 1/2 inches). Please use the correct postage.
  • Keep a copy of your Forms 40S, W-2(s), and 1099-INT(s) for your own records.
  • If you have tax to pay, mail your return and payment to:
    • Oregon Department of Revenue
      PO Box 14555
      Salem OR 97309-0940
  • If you file your tax return and pay your tax after April 15, 2005, the Department of Revenue may bill you later for penalty and interest.

Credit card

You now can pay your current-year balance due or make 2005 estimated tax payments with your Discover, MasterCard, or Visa credit card.

To pay your taxes by credit card, contact one of the service providers supporting Oregon’s program. The service provider will charge you a convenience fee based on the amount of your tax payment. The service provider will tell you what the fee is during the transaction; you will have the option to either continue or cancel the transaction before entering your credit card information. The convenience fee, terms, and conditions may vary among providers. If you accept the credit card transaction, you will receive a confirmation number. Please keep this confirmation number as proof of payment.

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